How To Lose Baby Fat After Pregnancy

by Dr. Taj

how to lose baby fat 2 How To Lose Baby Fat After Pregnancy

How To Lose Baby Fat is easier than you think

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First things first, congratulations on bringing your beautiful little baby into this world.  Is there not a more glorious moment in life than seeing your little boy or girl cry for the first time?  After giving 9 month of your body to your baby, you are not ready to get you body back!  You want to know how to lose baby fat after pregnancy.  Probably not to anybody surprise the answer is quite simple.  The difficult part is the execution.

Popular Ways on How To Lose Baby Fat

Perhaps you have had friends or family try these popular ways to lose weight.  In fact, you may have tried these too.  Many of the popular ways to lose baby fat after pregnanacy are:

  • The latest fad diet
  • The popular pill that claims you can eat anything after you take this pill
  • Joining an expensive gym only to quite in a few weeks
  • Jenny Craig or other popular programs that cost a lot of money to only put the weight back on after the program
  • Buy a treadmill or stationary bike to ride when the baby is napping (This lasts about 5 days until boredom sets in)

Do you know that people who have tried these?  Of course you do?  Out of all of the people you know, how successful have they been?  I already know.  They have not been that successful and are probably frustrated that they still have their baby fat.

So Doctor. . . Tell Me The Simple Answer

You do not need a magic pill or some Special TV ab machine.  All you need is the right frame of mind.  This is why you are reading this article.  You want to know how to lose baby fat after pregnancy. And you want to lose it now.  So what are the secrets of getting your body back?  The two things are:

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Physical  activity

Wait!  I know. I know. I know.  You have heard this before.  But it is true.  The secret is to find the right products that meet your needs.  Lets face it, who has the time to go to the gym with a newborn.  Forget about that if you are a working mom.  Who has the extra money to spend on a gym membership or a high tech treadmill that will collect dust after 1 month because you are sick of the boredom of walking and seeing the same wall in front of you for 1 hour.  That is too boring and ineffective.

Save Time, Money, & Get Your Body Back

how to lose baby fat 1 How To Lose Baby Fat After Pregnancy

Now this is how you lose baby fat after pregnancy!

Here is the secret that has change many peoples lives and allowed many women to lose baby fat after pregnancy – Beachbody.  Why Beachbody?  Lets start with nutrition.  They have a daily nutritional shake, Shakeology, that acts as a meal replacement.   This helps your body to gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need.  In doing so, not only lose weight, but you will begin to feel more energized.  You get this for less than what it costs for a Starbuck’s mocha in each shake.  Visit for more information.

Beachbody is also know for its home DVD workout programs.  Have you heard of P90X?  Why of course you have.  Beachbody is the company that produced the famous Tony Horton workout and sells it.  P90X is tough workout and I do not recommend this workout as you get your body back unless you are an athlete and was in great shape before pregnancy.  There are about 30 different workouts to select.  I recommend Turbo Fire or Les Mills Pump.  All of the Beachbody workout are excellent and will allow you to lose your baby fat.

The beauty of these workouts are that you can do them in your own home.  There is no need to go to the gym to get a first class workout.  When the baby takes a nap or is down for the night, all you do is put in a dvd and push play.  Simple!  Not only do you save time from not going to the gym, but you also save tons of money.  There is only a one time fee for the DVDs and your personal trainer during the program.  They are awesome.  Don’t just take my word for it, check out all the success stories.

I’m Excited and Ready To Go

Now that you know “how to lose baby fat” after pregnancy, the next step is quite simple.  Order it and get started!  I recommend you visit www.moderntotalbodyfitness to purchase a Challenge Pack.  The Challenge Pack will allow you to purchase a workout program of your choice and Shakeology for a discounted price.  Beachbody is so confident that you will like Shakeology, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee even if the bag is empty.  Just be sure to order home direct to get free shipping.  Whether you go with Beachbody or not, with the proper nutrition and exercise, your goal will be achieved.  I wish you the best and please share a comment once you lose your baby fat.  I want to hear you success story.

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Dr. Taj.

PS  Sick and tired of the softness around your belly?  Stop saying, “No” and say “Yes” today to your body.  Get your Challenge Pack now to get back your Beach body.  If you enjoyed this blog, please Tweet and Share on Facebook.

By Taj Haynes. He is a graduate of University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.  He lives and practices in the Charlotte, NC surrounding area.  Find him on Google + and Facebook. Over the years he has become a thoughtful leader in the business community.

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